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  • Company: Illahee Consulting, Ltd
  • Phone: (605) 745-4630
  • Cell: (307) 461-2216
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Profession: Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

Licenses: Arizona and South Dakota

Additional Information: Fellowship pharmacology &medical psych, Aviation psychology-flight surgeon (USN). 35+ yrs inpt- outPt eval, testing. treatment; 35+ years neuropsychology eval & rehabilitation; behaviour therapy-functional analysis; 20+ yrs aviation psychology& human factors USN psychology (commander), treatment for high stress-hazardous & deployed duties; training & instruction in survival situations & captivity. Behavioural pharmacology consultation. Emphases in psychophysiology, psychosomatics, neuropsych, developmental delay & autism. Dept head-file reviews; disability evals & research; med-grad teaching

Education: PhD-University of Georgia, BA-McGill University, Intern year-Univ of Manitoba Health Sciences Ctr & Hospitals, and Fellowship 2-years-Uniformed Services Univ Health Sciences & Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr

Years in Practice: 16+ years

Current Hospital Privileges (Excluding Courtesy): Fall River Health Services & Hospital

Number of file reviews previously performed: 100+ file reviews

Average monthly hours in direct patient care: 41 to 80 hours