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  • Phone: 206-719-1818

Profession: Oral Surgeon

License: Washington

Additional Information: Board Certified, American Board of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery Past faculty positions at University of Washington and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. 30 years oral/maxillofacial surgery experience in private practice. Experienced in evaluating oral surgery patient histories, test results, treatment planning, quality of care provided and identification of any discrepancies. Offering insights into issues involving: WISDOM TEETH, ANESTHESIOLOGY, JAW FRACTURE, EXTRACTIONS, IMPLANTS, ORAL PATHOLOGY, ORAL TRAUMA, DENTAL PATHOLOGY, BONE GRAFTS, SINUS LIFT, OSTEONECROSIS, and TMJ.

Education: BA-University of Washington, DDS-Georgetown University, and Oral&Maxillofacial Residency -Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Years in Practice: 16+ years

Number of file reviews previously performed: 1 to 10 file reviews

Average monthly hours in direct patient care: 11 to 40 hours