Alexander Marmureanu, MD File Review Consultant

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  • Company: California Heart and Lung Surgery Medical Center
  • Phone: 310 208 4400
  • Fax: 323 856 9013

Profession: Physician (MD or DO)

Current ABMS or AOA Board Specialty and Subspecialty Certification(s): Surgery and Thoracic Surgery

Licenses: California and New York

Additional Information: Dr. Alexander Marmureanu is a prominent thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, with special expertise in the field of minimally invasive surgery where he developed and pioneered several techniques and procedures. Dr. Marmureanu completed his surgical training at NYU Medical Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York City, where he was actively involved in the field of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery research. His Thoracic Surgery Fellowship was completed at UCLA, where he continued to practice as UCLA faculty/Clinical Instructor, and then joined Cedars Sinai Medical staff.

Education: General Surgery, Residency-NYU and Thoracic Surgery, Residency-UCLA

Years in Practice: 16+ years

Number of file reviews previously performed: 100+ file reviews