Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. The following list of Psychologists are available to provide a Medical file review, Utilization review, Chart review, Peer review, Second opinion (2nd opinion), Underwriting report, Disability opinion, Pre-authorization, etc.

Sharna L Wood, PhD Assess Texas, PLLC

Cleburne, Texas
Please see my SEAK expert witness profile here: https://www.seakexperts.com/members/10043-sharna-l-wood

Franklin Carvajal, Ph.D. Nurtureful Psychological Services, PC

Culver City, California
Currently perform all types of forensic evaluations including disability, workers compensation, veterans, etc.

Craig B. Grether, Ph.D. Craig B. Grether Ph.D., Q.M.E.

Carlsbad, California
Craig B. Grether Ph.D., Q.M.E. is a licensed clinical psychologist working in the San Diego area. Dr. Grether's work over the past 47 years has resulted in the development of an experience base in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, geropsychology, behavioral medicine, forensic psychology and mediation. He is an accomplished diagnostician, therapist, consultant, researcher, and author having worked in outpatient rehabilitation, private practice, long-term care and inpatient settings.

Madeline I Maysonet Scavo, Psy.D Dr Maysonet Clinical & Forensic Psychology Firm PLLC

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Dr. Maysonet is a seasoned bilingual clinical and forensic psychologist with 22+ years of experience in diverse settings. She has consulted in legal matters, performed >1000 mental health evaluations, and reviewed >1500 files related to PTSD, mood disorders, personal injury, fitness for duty, Veterans and workers' compensation, disability, psychological autopsy investigation (completed suicide), correctional standard of care, correctional suicide prevention programs, competence evaluation, suicide risk assessment, and Pre-surgery / Bariatric evaluations in the private and federal sectors.

Shawn Acheson, Ph.D. Clinical Neuroscience Services of WNC

Waynesville, North Carolina
Dr. Acheson is a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist with more than 20 years experience. Although he continues to see clinical patients, he spends most of his time providing expert testimony and performing forensic evaluations in criminal, civil, and administrative courts. Record and file review is a central part of his work. Dr. Acheson also provides clinical supervision to other psychologists and provides seminars to various organizations relating to neuropsychology, psychopharmacology and traumatic brain injury.

Timothy D. McManus, Psy.D., ABPP

Palos Heights, Illinois
Board Certified Rehabilitation Psychology.

Joseph L Schwartz, PsyD

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
I have 35 years’ experience in Clinical, School, and Forensic psychology working in Nursing Home and Rehab settings. I have been qualified as an Expert Witness. My specialties include child, adolescent, adult assessment. Since 1993, I have performed over 1000 Mental Health Evaluations and over 500 IME Exams for Insurance Companies and Worker's Compensation claims. I have written reports for Bariatric , Spinal Stimulator Pre Surgical Evaluations, Forensic ,and Court Ordered Evaluations. Recently conducted 3 Medicaid File Reviews for large NJ company (1000 claims).

Karin Gepp, Psy.D. ACTPSYCH, PLLC

New York, New York
Licensed clinical psychologist with six years of experience conducting and peer-reviewing independent psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for workers compensation, disability, forensic, and personal injury cases. Experienced in rendering medical advisory opinions, completing psychological autopsies, evaluating incarcerated people for violence risk upon release, and assessing police candidates/officers for their suitability to serve. Treatment and assessments provided for individuals in diverse settings, such as inpatient, outpatient, and prisons.

Aimee V Vickers Sanchez, PhD, QME, ABDA

Fresno, California
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, Dementia, Neurocognitive Disorders, Substance-Induced Neurocognitive Impairment, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic Pain, Mood and Anxiety disorders, Personal Injury, Trial Pre-Consultation, IME/AME, Disability Evaluations, Worker's Compensation. Dr. Sanchez is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), and Board Certified Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomate (ABDA) in CA. She has completed 200+ specialty evaluations, file reviews, regarding disability within the last 2+ years.

Dr. Jessica M. Rowe PSYD, PSYD Dr. Jess' Mind Care Center

FOLSOM, California
-Conduct treatment with injured workers referred by worker’s compensation medical provider networks.-Conduct treatment with patients and/or attorney’s clientele who have endured illegal employment practices.-Conduct psychological testing for various issues.-Expert witness, conducting testimony for attorneys, as well as forensic psychological evaluations for claimants & defendants.-Assist attorneys with cases, reviewing & critiquing documentation of treating doctors and therapists, assisting with depositions, & so on.-Veteran Disability Evals. -Conduct examinations with prison inmates