Emergency Medicine File Review Consultant Listings

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. The following list of board certified Emergency Medicine physicians are available to provide a Medical file review, Utilization review, Chart review, Peer review, Second opinion (2nd opinion), Underwriting report, Disability opinion, Pre-authorization, etc.

Alan W. Henley, MD Wade Henley MD, PLLC

Bentonville, Arkansas
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - After completing his Emergency Medicine Residency, Dr. Henley has maintained his Board Certification with ABEM. He has practiced for over 20 years and has treated well over 125, 000 patients in a variety of clinical settings. This includes being Medical Director for over 5 years at a facility with an ED volume of over 50, 000+ patients per year. While in this capacity he served on the Medical Executive Committee, Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee, Critical Care Committee, and a National Peer Review Committee. Dr. Henley continues to work full time in the Emergency Department.

Stefan Flores, M.D

Oakland, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Ultrasound, Event Medicine, clinical faculty at University of California San Francisco

Derek J Golden, MD

Encino, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Derek Golden is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician. He has personally seen and treated over 45K patients. He has worked in a variety of heath care systems, with extensive experience in emergency medicine, hospital medicine, observational medicine, and post-acute care. Experience with improving hospital core metrics including patient length of stays, door-to-doctor times and patient satisfaction scores. Additionally, Dr. Golden has worked on the establishment of evidence based protocols, assessment of clinical outcomes and patient experience, peer review and utilization review.

Michael N Habibe, MD Michael N Habibe MD INC

Fresno, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Served 12 years in the U.S. Navy as a Flight Surgeon. Was Chief Medical Officer of a large department of physicians and medics in support of a large Air Group of Marine Helicopter Squadrons. Medical Director of an overseas U.S. Naval Hospital Emergency Department. Experience with Credentials Committees. Currently involved with hospital Complex Care Plan Committee to evaluate strategies for High Utilizers of the Emergency Department

Doris S. Moradzadeh, MD

Los Angeles, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Faculty appointment of Clinical Instructor and ABEM Board Certified. Currently practicing in a nationally recognized level 1 trauma center with experience in small community adult and pediatric emergency departments.

Jacqueline Reardon, DO, FAAEM

San Diego, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Quality Director for nearly 30 emergency department physicians. Active Medical Executive, current emergency department chair, responsible for robust chart and peer review. Performs high quality, concise reviews expeditiously.

Rebecca A Rossner, MD

Mill Valley, California
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Nadia Tereshchenko, MS, MD

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with extensive experience working in Emergency Departments of various size and degree of specialization (Rural to Urban, Community to Tertiary) including specialized trauma, stroke and cardiac centers, nationwide. Prior experience as a Paramedic in a busy and high acuity 911 system. EMS Liaison Physician. Developed systems and guidelines for hypothermia and STEMI care with extensive knowledge of guidelines dictating appropriate care. Expertise in Health Care Improvement, Health Policy and Patient Decision Making

Gregory L Boris, DO Connecticut Emergency Medical Specialists

Woodbridge, Connecticut
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Gregory Boris, DO, FACEP is the active Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine in a busy community hospital for the last 12 years. He completed his Emergency Medicine residency in a busy urban-based trauma center in the early 1990s. He has worked in numerous community and academic emergency departments. Dr. Boris has provided legal review and expert opinion over the last 10 years. He has extensive knowledge in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Department Administration.

Earlie H Francis, MD, JD Juris M.D. Consulting

Cheshire, Connecticut
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - 4 years experience as a medical malpractice attorney at a prominent personal injury law firm in Philadelphia. Experience in Emergency Department Administration Former member of Health System Medical Malpractice Claims Committee Current member of Hospital Serious Events Committee Board Eligible in Internal Medicine

Pamela Herbert, MD

Washington , District Of Columbia
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Utilization Review Director, Assistant ED Director,

Sanddra Archibald, MD

Daytona Beach, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Ryan D Aycock, MD, MS

Niceville, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - > 13, 800 patients seen/evaluated in emergency departments as an attending. U.S. Air Force Veteran, prior medical officer and Critical Care Air Transport Team leader. Clinical Assistant Professor for Florida State University College of Medicine. >25 peer reviews completed for Annals of Emergency Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Southern Medical Journal, and Military Medicine.

Cynthia M Buchman Webb, MD

Sarasota, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Vice Chair of MedStar Emergency Physicians from 2011-2017. MedStar Emergency Physicians is comprised of more than 230 board certified emergency physicians and PAs caring for more than 460, 000 patients annually. Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital from 2008- 2017. As Chair, active member of departmental and hospital risk management committees with extensive file review experience. Also, active member of Performance Improvement Council, Professional Practices Quality Oversight, STEMI, and Stroke committees. Named to Baltimore Top Doctors 2016

Melissa A Eirich, M.D., M.A.R.

Boca Raton, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Dr. Eirich is a former Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester. She published peer-reviewed research and chapters in EM textbooks. In 25+ years, her clinical practice ranges from community hospitals to Level I trauma centers. She is fellowship trained in EMS and ABEM certified. She practices Telemedicine and has nearly 10 years of experience in Urgent Care and managing Worker's Compensation patient care. A member of the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, she excels in writing clear, concise consultations.

Vicki Friend, D.O. FACEP

ocala, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Scott R. Willis, MD, FACEP

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Megan E Rishel, MD

Atlanta, Georgia
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with extensive experience working in emergency departments of various sizes including rural critical access sites to urban and community hospitals nationwide.

Lauren Pierce, MD, BA

Chicago, Illinois
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Jodelle Yount, DO, MPH, MS

Ashland, Kentucky
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - I own a Medispa and a Telemedicine service.

Dawne M. Carroll, MD Potomac Region Medical Associates

Bowie, Maryland
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Medical Cannabis Expert. CEO/ Medical Director of Potomac Region Medical Associates for 22 years. This Primary Care practice serves over 12, 000 patients and includes a House Call practice for house bound patients. Board member DCqualcare IPA and the board representative to both the Quality and UR committees. Member Leadership Greater Washington class of 2017.

Vipul M Kella, MD USACS

Potomac, Maryland
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - I am practicing emergency physician and also director of a large, community hospital emergency department. I have been part of two prior academic faculties, delivered numerous lectures and presentation on clinical topics. I have also reviewed cases as a consultant and medico-legal expert. My quality of work is guaranteed to be thorough and prompt.

Pamela J Smith, MD, RN, BSN

Concord, Massachusetts
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Legal Nurse Consultant, former Director of Occupational Health Services, Currently employed in Emergency Department with 73, 000 annual census.

Michael E Boczar, DO University of Michigan

Clarkston, Michigan
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Michigan, QA Director, Physician Advisor for insurance reviews

Gerard B. Martin, MD

Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Clinical Associate Professor Emergency Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine Number of file reviews previously done is approximately 20.

mark rabold, MD

AVON, Montana
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - special skills in environmental medicine (frostbite, altitude sickness). Have reviewed hundreds of charts for peer review, mentoring and proctoring medical professionals over 30 years of practice in Emergency Medicine. I retired a few months ago, got bored and am returning to part time work in the very near future.

Tyeese L Gaines, DO, FACEP

Montclair, New Jersey
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Eric Nazziola, MD, MBA, FACEP

Paramus, New Jersey
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - I am a board-certified, practicing emergency physician-administrator with over 17 years of clinical experience and 10 years of administrative experience as an emergency department medical director. I have been reviewing medical files for quality, utilization, and medical malpractice since 2014.

L. Celeste Nieves, MD, MS, FACEP

Teaneck, New Jersey
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Gallane Abraham, MD

New York, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Director of the Geriatric Emergency Department; Additional Areas of Expertise and Training: Geriatric Emergency Medicine, NFL Independent Neurotrauma Consulting, Health Services Research and Clinical Informatics

Michelle L Brosnan, MD

Garden City, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - I am a board certified emergency physician with sixteen years of experience. I was a founding partner of CityMD, the largest urgent care in the Northeast and an innovator who helped create Aftercare, a centralized call center established for patient follow up and care coordination. I work as an aftercare clinical lead now where i maintain quality assurance for on-site providers, initiate protocol change to improve department efficiency, address utilization management issues, participate in peer to peer reviews and perform in-depth chart reviews.

Lisa Cabral, MD

Somers, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, 15 years experience working in a busy, urban Emergency Department, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Member of Quality Improvement Committee, Experience with QI case reviews, Peer to Peer reviews.

Rania Habal, MD

New York, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - More than 25 years of clinical experience. Extensive experience with file reviews, peer-to-peer consultation. Some experience in liability cases, workers' compensation, disability determination, no fault

Frank H Lovaglio, MD Emergency Medicine & Internal Medicine

New York, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews, Internal Medicine File Reviews - Emergency Physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital ** Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center ** Emergency Medicine residency completed at Jacobi Medical Center / Montefiore Medical Center / Albert Einstein College of Medicine ** Internal Medicine residency completed at New York Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center ** Experienced in Quality Reviews ** Practicing physician for over 25 years

Vincent J Stracuzzi, MD, FACEP

Oceanside, New York
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Vincent J. Stracuzzi, MD, FACEP is an actively practicing board certified emergency physician. He completed his residency at a busy community-based Level 1 trauma center. Dr. Stracuzzi has experience working in community emergency departments and urgent care. He has an interest in emergency medical services with involvement in local, state and national EMS committees.

Christopher L Drummond, MD, MBA

Charlotte, North Carolina
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Anita L'Italien, MD, BS

Raleigh, North Carolina
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board certified in Emergency Medicine with 13+ years of clinical experience in both community and academic medicine, including free standing emergency departments. Training resident physicians and advanced practice providers. Four years experience in direct supervision and management of Advanced Practice Providers. Eight years in peer review and quality control. Experience in delivery of telemedicine care, quality control and best practices. Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

LoriAnn F. Niceley, DO

Maineville, Ohio
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Board Certified, Residency Trained in Emergency Medicine - 25 years experience Special Skills - patient experience, patient flow, ED Management

Vimal Scott Kapoor, MD, BSc, MPH, CCFP, CCFP-EM, FRCPC (PHPM), FRCPC (Occ Med)

Toronto, Ontario
Emergency Medicine File Reviews, Family Medicine/Family Practice File Reviews, Occupational Medicine File Reviews, Preventive Medicine/Aerospace Medicine File Reviews - Assistant Professor, University of Toronto. Only physician in Canada with Board Certifications the following four specialties: Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Occupational Medicine. Obtained highest credential in Occupational Medicine, which has been obtained by only 75 physicians in Canada and 25 physicians in Ontario. Additional training in Travel Medicine.

John L Jacobson, MD

Hood River, Oregon
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - After first becoming fascinated by emergency care as a Junior in medical school, I have spent the past 3 ½ decades practicing Emergency Medicine full time. I was Chief Resident in one of the first Emergency Medicine Residency Programs in the country and became one of the first 100 physicians to become both residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine. During my career I have practiced in emergency departments of all sizes and performed nearly all roles associated with emergency care in civilian and military facilities.

Steven J Davidson, MD, MBA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Emergency Medicine: EMS, ambulance, pre-hospital care; outdoor concerts; mass gatherings; clinical practice of EM; observation medicine; EM Info tech (IT) Clinical Informatics: Electronic Health Records (EHR), computerized physician order entry (CPOE); telecommunication systems. Health IT During my career in clinical, academic and operational EM & health IT I've published peer reviewed research and textbook chapters and taught thousands of physicians. I've reviewed files for attorneys, auto insurance companies, disability insurance companies et. al. I do not do IMEs.

Dorothy Wang, MD DASME Consulting, LLC

Media , Pennsylvania
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Emergency dept peer-review committee since 2016

Randolph J. Cordle, MD, FACEP, FAAP, FAAEM Randolph Cordle Consulting LLC

Fort Mill, South Carolina
Emergency Medicine File Reviews, Pediatric Emergency Medicine File Reviews, Pediatrics File Reviews - Prior Experience: Currently: Triple Board Certified EM, PEDS, PEM Academic Medical Director and Division Director Fellowship Director for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Served multiple Positions with The American Board Pediatrics and The American Board of Emergency Medicine. Developed Online Learning Mangement System with >5000 Students. International Lecturer on numerous topics. QA/QI Chair and Educator - Chart Reviews over 5, 000 records. Medical-legal expert. Cruise Medicine Experience. Veteran

Sajid Khan, MD

Houston, Texas
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - I am a board-certified emergency medicine physician and author of The Ultimate Emergency Medicine Guide, a comprehensive review book that is the highest-rated and most up-to-date text for Emergency Medicine physicians preparing to certify. I am a member of AOA (the only national medical honor society in the world), serve as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UMKC, and have worked in a variety of settings: from inner-city level 1 trauma centers serving 100, 000 patients/year to 3-bed rural EDs. I’ve spent time as a Medical Director, Oral Boards examiner, and ACLS instructor.

Steven Loescher, D.O.

Prosper, Texas
Emergency Medicine File Reviews

Robert J Nocerini, MD

Dallas, Texas
Anesthesiology File Reviews, Emergency Medicine File Reviews, Pain File Reviews - Experienced Interventional Pain Physician: epidural steroid injections, rhizotomies, spinal cord stimulators. Experience with chronic back and neck pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Experience with medication management. Also board certified in Emergency Medicine with 12+ years clinical ER experience.

Jonathan B Walker, DO, FACEP

Joshua, Texas
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Over the course of his 10+ year career, Dr. Walker has treated over 30, 000 patients. He has worked in a Level 1 Trauma Center, an academic center, tertiary care facilities, community hospitals, an Indian Health Service hospital, and a rural hospital. Currently, he works full time in Emergency Medicine. He also has experience supervising physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the Emergency Room setting. He is able to serve as an medical file review consultant in the field of Emergency Medicine and care provided in Emergency Rooms / Emergency Departments.

Elizabeth A Buetow, MD Williamsburg Emergency Physicians

Williamsburg, Virginia
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Experience concerning Hospice/Medical Examiner/Administrative duties- ie past medical director/President of group

Jennifer L'Hommedieu Stankus, MD, JD, FACEP Medical Legal Consultants, LLC

Gig Harbor, Washington
Emergency Medicine File Reviews - Dr. Stankus is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician and fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. She practices at Madigan Army Medical Center. Additionally, she is a former medical malpractice defense attorney, handling over $600M in claims against a large teaching hospital. She is exceptional in reviewing cases from both a medical perspective, and the perspective of a former practicing medical malpractice attorney. She offers additional expertise in reviewing other expert opinions, trial strategy, and preparing for depositions or examination of witnesses.
You can also find Emergency Medicine File Review Consultants who are licensed in:
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