Family Medicine/Family Practice File Review Consultants

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. The following list of board certified Family Medicine/Family Practice physicians are available to provide a Medical file review, Utilization review, Chart review, Peer review, Second opinion (2nd opinion), Underwriting report, Disability opinion, Pre-authorization, etc.

Dalton Diamond, MD, MPH, FAAFP Sand Mountain Hospitalists, LLC

Guntersville, Alabama
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Full time practice of Hospital Medicine since 2008

Michael Smith, MD MPH

Phoenix, Arizona
Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine - Health Security (Pandemic) Expertise Chief Medical Officer of USAID response to the Ebola epidemic, oversaw 5 Ebola Treatment facilities in the jungles of Liberia, directing patient care and participating in WHO working groups Branch Chief, Disaster Response branch at the Defense Intelligence Agency, created the agency's H1N1 pandemic response plan for worldwide facilities. HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Collector, Defense Intelligence Agency, collected information and interviewed scientists regarding emerging infectious diseases, and their potential for weaponization.

Zachary Guynn, MD

Bentonville, Arkansas
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Board Certified in Family Medicine in practice for 10 years with extensive experience in Family Medicine and Urgent Care.

Javier F. Chang, MD

Chatsworth, California
Family Medicine/Family Practice - 8 Years Urgent Care Experience 7 Years Primary Care Experience 1 Year Occupational Medicine Experience


Torrance, California
Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice - Prior Medical Director at Centene / Healthnet Prior Medical Director at HealthCare Resource Group Prior Medical Director of Santa Clara County Pain & Addiction Program Prior Medical Director of Ambulatory Care, HealthCare Partners M.G Prior Vice President of Alliance IPA, Utilization Review Current Consultant to the DEA, Dept of Justice Prior Consultant to Medical Board of California Prior Medical Director of Todd Shipyard Occupational Health Prior Medical Director of Little Company of Mary Pain Institute Current Chief Medical Officer, Urgent Point Health & Wellness, PC

MA Florez, DO, MS, MMM

Riverside, California
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine - Double board certified physician in active practice and licensed in multiple states. A Masters in Toxicology and emphasis on impact of Covid in workers compensation and a Masters in Medical Management with 10 plus years of experience in executive management. Capable of high volume expedited turn around time on multiple types of file reviews

Meredith Goodwin, MD

Sacramento, California
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I am a USAF Reservist with experience working at a VA hospital in the Primary Care Clinic. I have also spent time working in Occupational Medicine.

Evaleen Jones, MD Stanford Universiety School Medicine

Menlo Park, California
Addiction Medicine, Adolescent Medicine/Young Adult Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health - I am a full Clinical Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. I have taught the Standard of Care to medical students, residents, and physician assistant students for the past 25 years. I am triple Board Certified in Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine. I love to review complex medical cases and have a special knack for looking at the details.

Ernesto Mendoza, MD

Chula Vista, California
Family Medicine/Family Practice

Georganne K Novak, MD, MSEd

Carlsbad, California
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I am a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician with over 25 years of clinical experience. Additionally, I have experience with utilization management, expert witness, and regularly perform chart reviews.

Bradley S Abrahamson, MD Integrative Sports Medicine

Fort Collins, Colorado
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine - I teach Sports Medicine at Fort Collins Family Medicine Center, I am Level II certified in Occupational Medicine, and Board Certified in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. I routinely do IME and expert witness work. I am comfortable with reputable attorneys.

Brian Mathwich, MD Mathwich & Associates

Longmont, Colorado
Family Medicine/Family Practice - 25 years practicing occupational medicine completing hundreds of IMEs and Chart Reviews.

Matthew T Braddock, D.O

fleming island , Florida
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Neuromuscular Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health - Extra training in manipulative medicine and neuromuscular medicine which is in addition a large part of my clinical private practice.

David P. Kalin, MD,MPH The Healthplace

Oldsmar, Florida
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Certified Independent Medical Examiner


Orlando, Florida
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Board Certified in family medicine with extensive experience in geriatrics, occupational health/ workers compensation, nursing home care, and urgent care medicine. Adjunct faculty at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and Professor of Leadership at Stetson University. Previous experience in law-based case reviews and presently workers compensation chart reviews as clinic medical director for Concentra Occupational Health.

Fadi E Saba, M.D. Excellent Experts

St. Petersburg, Florida
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine - Expert Witness Experience - Plaintiff and Defense Specialty Area (1) - Internal Medicine Specialty Area (2) - Longterm Care Specialty Area (3) - Longterm Acute Care

Jeffery Kele Sewell, M.D.,Pharm.D.

Carrollton, Georgia
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Along with being a Medical Doctor, I have a doctorate in pharmacy as well. I am board certified in Family Medicine with Emergency room and hospital experience. I have practiced medicine for over 23 years. I am always available for review of your charts and will get reports back to you in a reasonable time. I am a certified DAS examiner and have performed hundreds of disability examinations. I have testified in a disability determination case as well.

Norman R Hurst, DO, MS

Meridian, Idaho
Family Medicine/Family Practice - --Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine --Additional credentialing in medical acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation --Practicing military physician (20-30% of time is spent performing record review and determining suitability for occupational duties of military members)

Taher Sobhy, MD

Gurnee, Illinois
Family Medicine/Family Practice - In direct patients care for more than 35 ys. Hospital leadership for 15 ys, currently chairman of Family medicine. Clinical Associate professor of Family Medicine. Legal reviewer of medical records

Christine R. Weis, MD

Maple Park, Illinois
Family Medicine/Family Practice

Steven DeLee, DO

Noblesville, Indiana
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Certified Medical Director (CMD) Hospice Team Physician

Michael J Kelly, MD

Vincennes, Indiana
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine - FAAFP Wound Care

Louis F Landman, MD Franciscan Health

Indianapolis, Indiana
Family Medicine/Family Practice - ABFM/ABIM Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine Certified Fellow, Society of Hospital Medicine Director of Emergency Medicine, Terre Haute Regional Hospital

David M. Dupy, MD, MHSA David Dupy Medical Consulting, LLC

Salina, Kansas
Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice - -Board Certified Family Medicine -Practiced in ER entire career (8 years) -Medical Director Drug & Alcohol Rehab -County Coroner -Faculty KS School of Medicine -Formal Ultrasound training

William Short, MD Memorial Health System

Abilene, Kansas
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I have experience with hospice care, wound care, and geriatric psychiatry.

Laura L. Faughn, MD Healthpoint

Nicholasville, Kentucky
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I have worked as an emergency department physician for about 15 years.

Michael Gray, MD JD

Annapolis, Maryland
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Telemedicine, primary care, urgent care: Over 25,000 patient visits via telemedicine with multistate licensure, brick and mortar primary care and urgent care experience. JD, admitted to the Maryland State Bar. Available for non testifying medical chart review, testifying expert witness chart review in relevant cases, and can be of counsel for attorneys in medical malpractice cases subject to jurisdiction.

Cassandre Voltaire, D.O.

Brighton, Massachusetts
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Committed and enthusiastic Family Medicine Physician with a strong interest in Medical Chart Review. Excellent time management and interpersonal skills, adept at assessing patient conditions, and able to consistently provide efficient and thorough reviews.

Steve R Lasater, MD Optimal Wellness Medical Group

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Have training and experience in hormone replacement, clinical lipidology, obesity medicine, hyperbaric and undersea medicine. Am adjunct clinical faculty for Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Russell C Tontz, MD, MPH, MEd

Mankato, Minnesota
Aerospace Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine - Former US Air Force Aerospace & Occupational Medicine Physician.

Heather Williamson, DO

Creve Coeur, Missouri
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine - Board certified in Family Medicine and Disaster Medicine, and I have a Certificate of Added Qualifications (aka CAQ, aka subspecialty certification) in Occupational Medicine. I have previously done file review full time but now do a blend of patient care and file review. I have many years of experience in Family Medicine, Urgent Care, and Occupational Medicine. I look forward to helping you with your file review needs.

Bret Bellard, M.D.,MSc

Reno, Nevada
Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice - LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS Board Certified Family Medicine 1999 – 2025 Board Certified Addiction Medicine 2015- 2028 Nevada Medical License 10620 Texas Medical License K4632 Certified DOT Examiner ACLS, ATLS Certified Member, American College of Epidemiology Member, American Society of Addiction Medicine NIRSAT certified 2018 Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine 2018

Melinda Dy, DO, MPH Concentra

Las Vegas, Nevada
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine

Sunny Gupta, DO

Robbinsville, New Jersey
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Sports Medicine - Over 10 years experience performing medical necessity reviews (concurrent and retrospective), chart reviews and appeals with various organizations. Board certified in family medicine and sports medicine. Currently practice non-surgical sports medicine at a large multi-specialty orthopaedic practice and hold a clinical assistant professor faculty appointment at a large academic teaching hospital.

Robin C Moore, DO The Cosmopolitan Medical Practice

New York, New York
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I have extensive experience in addiction medicine and pain management. I have experience in the medical management of pregnant patients, newborns, adolescents, adults, and the geriatric population. I currently have my own practice and am an adjunct professor to 1st and 2nd year medical students. I include pap smears in my annual exam of adult women in my private practice.

Francis Yoo, DO

Hampton Bays, New York
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Pain - Multi-Board Certified - Family Medicine - Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - Integrative Medicine - Additional Qualification in Pain Medicine - Medical Acupuncture Experience with: Physician wellness, CBT, MBTI/Enneagram, Mind-Body Medicine, Meditation, teaching/precepting medical students and residents, www.DrFrancisYoo.Info

Courtney H. Hinton, DO, MBA

Raleigh, North Carolina
Family Medicine/Family Practice - 7 years active Family Medicine, inclusive of residency training. Proficient in telemedicine. Between 12,000-15,000 patient visits and counting. Includes newborn care, pediatric and adolescent care, women's health, osteopathic manipulative treatment, geriatric care, etc. Interests in diversity and inclusion, both within and external of medicine. Experience working directly within the COVID-19 pandemic (providing testing, outpatient care, and vaccine services). Have performed file reviews and audits within my current ACO. Who's Who Who in America.

Steven E Landau, MD FAAFP

Greensboro, North Carolina
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Family Practice residency - South Nassau Communities Hospital, NY General Surgery 2 years - St. Joseph Hospital Denver CO 2 years - Vice Chief of Medicine, Johnston Memorial Hospital, Smithfield NC, reviewing and dealing with problematic records 3 Years - Chairman of Credentials Committee, Johnston Memorial Hospital 4 years - Social Security Disability exams with MDSI, brief record reviews 6 months - Veterans' Disability exams with VES, extensive record reviews 2 years NRSA Fellow in Biomedical Engineering - Albany Med Center Adjunct Professor UNC-CH - precepted FNP and PA students

George c Pantelakos, MD Highland Family Practice

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Family Medicine/Family Practice - 30 years active Family Medicine, over 150,000 pt visits 26 years Hospital Medicine file review is a natural extension of my experience expect timely reports Seak file review course completion and certificate

Bryan Cairns, M.D.

Columbus, Ohio
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Psychiatry - I am board certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatry. I am currently working as a humanitarian aid volunteer in Nairobi Kenya, but am able to make and receive calls from my US number. I maintain adjunct faculty status a the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, where I resume clinical and faculty work when living in the US. Please see the attached CV for my complete work history. Thank you.

Tri Le, MD

Grove City, Ohio
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine - Board Certified in Family Medicine since 2015 and Board Certified in Geriatrics since 2016. Currently practicing Ambulatory Geriatric Medicine (House Calls). Community and Institutional Advisor for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine. Home Health Medical Director. Ambulatory Wound Care Specialist. Ambulatory telemedicine and telemonitoring consultant.

Darshana Patel, MD

concord Township, Ohio
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I started my medical career with Medical college of Wisconsin as an assistant professor of Family Medicine and worked closely with resident and student education and primary care research as primary care research director for Racine Residency program in Wisconsin. Continued my clinical work in Urgent care at University Hospitals in Cleveland OH. now working at VA where managing medical complex cases where the attention to detail and focus with judicial utilization of resources and following the clinical guideline is the top priority. Board certified in Family Medicine/Family Practice ABFM.

Justin Diegel, DO, M.S.

Happy Valley, Oregon
Family Medicine/Family Practice

James W Freeman, MD, FAAFP Summit Physician Services

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Member/Chair Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine (2,000+ case reviews) Emergency Medicine Attending (currently with 30 years experience) Emergency Medicine Department Chair Family Medicine Department Chair Deputy Coroner School/University Health Physician Hyperbaric/Wound Care Attending (supervised 382 hours of HBO therapy) Hospice Medical Director Emergency Medical Services Medical Director

Andrea Palencar, MD

Hershey, Pennsylvania
Family Medicine/Family Practice

Pamela M. Binns-Gibson, MD Novant Health

Indian Land, South Carolina
Family Medicine/Family Practice - I have been a practicing family medicine physician for 12 years. I have enjoyed taking care of my patients but ready for a change. Medical File Review would allow me the opportunity to still be involved in the medical field and patients care.

Danny C. Smith, DO

Beaufort, South Carolina
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Board Certified by ACOFP. Greater than 20 years ER, Hospital, and ICU. Medical Director of Primary Care Clinics, Urgent Care, Hospice and Medical Lab.

Ryan C Fowler, MD RCF Consulting LLC

Houston, Texas
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Sports Medicine

Arthur T. Hadley, III, MD, MPH, TM Smart Medical

Katy, Texas
Aerospace Medicine, Family Medicine/Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Aerospace Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine

Yuhang Jia, MD

Houston, Texas
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Sports Medicine - Board Certified Family Medicine physician. Currently with a flexible schedule so I am able to prioritize supplemental work such as file review. I am always accessible through phone or email.

Sohail Saeed, DO, MBA

McKinney, Texas
Family Medicine/Family Practice - Several years of utilization/case review experience as both a reviewer for health plans and as an independent reviewer. File review experience includes: medical necessity reviews, inpatient care, outpatient services (pharmaceutical, imaging, DME, lab services), billing and coding, chart auditing. Experience with reviews using guidelines (MCG, Interqual, AIM, internal guidelines, etc) as well reviews using medical literature and medical society guidelines. Additional training and experience with Billing and Coding procedures.

Robin Baines, MD

Hampton, Virginia
Family Medicine/Family Practice

Bernard Pegis, MD

Front Royal, Virginia
Family Medicine/Family Practice - In practice since 2005, 8+ years traditional family practice, followed by 7+ years hospital medicine. 3 years medicolegal consulting. 5+ years as Chief of Medicine doing countless quality and mortality reviews. Extensive IT background including authoring medical software. Unique insights into where/how EHRs contribute to medical errors. Wrote my own software to prepare detailed interactive timelines of cases for incident review boards and lawyers.

David Switzer, MD, FAAFP

Luray, Virginia
Family Medicine/Family Practice - 24 years of rural family medicine experience; > 10 years of experience in internal peer review/file review as a member of a hospital/health system credentials committee, health system medical group quality and peer review committee; served as a hospital Vice President of Medical Affairs 2015-2017 and health system Medical Director of Population Health 2017-present.

Brigg W Barsness, MD Maximum Depth Health

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Family Medicine/Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health - Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine
You can also find Family Medicine/Family Practice File Review Consultants who are licensed in:
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