Pediatric Pulmonology File Review Consultant Listings

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. The following list of board certified Pediatric Pulmonology physicians are available to provide a Medical file review, Utilization review, Chart review, Peer review, Second opinion (2nd opinion), Underwriting report, Disability opinion, Pre-authorization, etc.

Andre Fallot, MD,MPH

Olympia, Washington
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine File Reviews, Pediatric Pulmonology File Reviews, Pediatrics File Reviews - I have 23 years of clinical pediatric experience, including a 21 year career in the United States Army. I am a clinical Professor in Pediatrics for the University of Washington. I did my pediatric pulmonary fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco, and my pediatric critical care fellowship at Seattle Children's Hospital. While in the Army, I served as the Consultant to the Army Surgeon General for Pediatric Subspecialties. In this role, I reviewed dozens of pediatric cases for the military to review whether standard of care was met by our providers.
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