Preventive Medicine/Public Health File Review Consultants

Welcome to the SEAK National Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. The following list of board certified Preventive Medicine/Public Health physicians are available to provide a Medical file review, Utilization review, Chart review, Peer review, Second opinion (2nd opinion), Underwriting report, Disability opinion, Pre-authorization, etc.

Allen R. Dennis, MD, JD, MPH

Heal One Services

Powder Springs, Georgia
Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health - He is board certified in the two specialties of Internal Medicine and General Preventive Medicine/Public Health . He has owned a private practice and is currently active as a Hospitalist. Dr. Dennis is licensed and treating patients in Georgia, Texas and Indiana. He has also received special training and waiver from Dept. of Health and Human Services for Opiod addiction treatment.

Remington Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH

Remington Nevin Medicolegal, PLLC

Port Huron, Michigan
Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine, Preventive Medicine/Public Health - Dr. Nevin, a former U.S. Army medical officer and current county health department medical director, is an experienced consultant in disability and causation assessment trusted by insurers, attorneys, and military and civilian claimants. Trained at Johns Hopkins and licensed to practice medicine in four states, Dr. Nevin is also an experienced expert witness in the fields of occupational medicine, preventive medicine, epidemiology, and public health. Dr. Nevin is an active researcher who taught for 10 years at Johns Hopkins. He has over 80 scientific publications with over 1,500 citations.
You can also find Preventive Medicine/Public Health File Review Consultants who are licensed in:
Georgia and Michigan